Imagine wearing a protective layer that stops cuts and sharp objects from  penetrating your uniform, while moving with your body like a stretch Cotton Twill. As life becomes more dangerous both at work and in the city, having that layer of protection provides peace of mind.

We have been experimenting with a series of revolutionary fabrics that do just that. A softer Twill that has the reinforced weave that you don't even notice you. are wearing. Rather than wrap the entire body, we have focused on exposure points that leave the user vulnerable to attack. Adding a layer of our new Class 4 cut proof fabric to the belly, chest, ribs and major arteries leading to the groin, forearms and torso can keep you in the fight for survival if attacked or involved in an accident.

Like our outerwear testing in the field, we will be showcasing our Class 4 testing videos to the public as well. Stay tuned as we innovate our premium styles with all the added features of comfort, safety and survival. 

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