Custom Uniforms For Women

As we travel around the country meeting new industrial customers, in need of a reliable uniform provider, we have experienced a repeating request. "Do you do custom sizing for women?"

It just so happens that we are experts in this area. All the products we make come in replica female models. However, are sized specifically with a women's unique body shape and size in mind. We learned women were being forced to find the closest mans sizing and wear those. Often these sizes were one too big or one to small, making the function-ability and comfort level poor. This affects the performance of the user, being distracted by something that doesn't fit.

The main point of contention is found in the "seat rocker" measurement There a big difference in this area of the body between a man and a women. Unless you know what to look for in preparing the charts for staff sizing, you will get lost.

This is the difference between our competitors and our hands on approach. 

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