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We offer a series of sweater options from zip up to pull overs, using the finest wools and blends. Winter can be harsh with wind chill, rain and snow. As with all our creations, the sweaters have taken a life of their own, with the pursuit of creating something extraordinary. We are building from the Scottish pages of history, adding all the elements from days of castles and broad swords. This series will feel like armour , comfort and style as one!

Customer for life.

We are using some pretty incredible tools to ensure the best customer service from first contact through our entire relationship. We want to get to know you, build around your needs, share time at events and when we tour. The Hudson Hill Collection is not just a clothing line - its a lifestyle. 

The Team

Designing for all types of life. Whether it is flying business class or hiking into the back country mountains, our designs are fitted and designed to look amazing and last. You need to try it on to see the difference!

Lerma Vargas

My Grandfather Sedrick is a WW2 hero, earning the silver star, while serving with "The Devils Brigade" in France. Our family is steeped in heritage, proud and free. I bring this to all I do and create. 

Hudson - Founder

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