A collection of images shot across the barren landscape of The Prairies. Each image tells a story of the history of this land and the struggle to survive the elements of time. Hi-Res images heat transferred onto high quality "Bella Canvas" distressed Euro Spun V-neck 100% cotton T-shirts.

Winter in The Prairies is relentless. It gets to -40 at times, and because it is so flat, the wind chill moves fast along the surface of the snow gathering momentum and frostbite. 

Prairie Winter

We have many clusters of barns and farming structures, many sizes, shapes and colours. 


Drill and refine. Oil is plenty in The Prairies. Its gives us work and an income to support our wild lifestyles. Working 14-15 hours a day to no end. This is the flatlands.

Prairie oil

A series of images treated with filters.

filter industry

I love shooting industry. I look at it and see someones vision for greatness. I imagine how hard it was to create something so massive and complicated. The power and the glory.


It is very common to see barns and Prairie structures held up sticks, poles and pipes. The last ditch effort to keep them in this world. 


Nothing but open landscape to graze. The Prairies are also The Bread Basket to the world. Endless miles of fields and crops.

Prairie cattle

Some of the most incredible storms roll in over the landscape. These clouds are very unique to this country.

Storms inbound

Sizes Small, Medium, Large 


This collection will constantly being growing in both style and size. We have always found the landscapes we spend time in interesting and that they tell a little about who were are. 

The technology now allows for hires heat transfers to showcase these images wherever we travel, right there on our bodies. These can be washed without worry of damage to wear time and again.


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