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Films on films

We have a busy six months ahead. The goal is to dive into our creative platforms and launch all of our programs online to the world. These include "The Barren Series", "The Canadian Tour Series" and "The Hudson Hill Event Series". Our camera batteries are going to get real hot! All our new content will be released through The Hudson Hill Collection Youtube, IGTV and Facebook Accounts each week. 

Fiction and non-fiction through our eyes and then to yours. Watching the ups and downs of a start-up company launching brands onto the world!



A tale about two brothers who fought their way to the top, only to face a decision of loyalty over desire. This series explores the explosive nature of this brotherly bond and how far each is willing to go to reach the top. Our female star drives the wedge between the two for her own goals, causing each to decide between family or power.

Directed by: Hudson Hill

Introducing a new cast of up and coming talent from The Prairies to be announced.

Stay Tuned.

canada tour

spreading awareness

As in the last Canada Tour, we will be going cross country, starting on The West Coast and moving East. Each town & city will be part of the journey, receiving a media event and a showcase of the Hudson Hill Collection for retail sales. 

A combination of visual presentation and music performance by our in-house DJ will light up each center through these cold winter months. 

stay tuned for dates.

Behind the scenes

These videos will showcase the thought going into designing each line and the obstacles overcome to get the job done. Without a doubt, this venture is ambitious. However, failure is not an option and coming up with solutions is the only way forward. We look forward to sharing life in the trenches.

Stay tuned.

This series will be filmed with all devices and also shared to Stories in vertical format. 

Dates to come.

hhg 3D 3.png
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